Pennsylvania's Best Emerging Poets (2017)
Drexel Maya Literary Magazine (2017)
"Viking Rage"
"Pie" 1st Place Haiku-Off winner - Truth
"Type of Walls" 3rd Place Haiku Off winner - The Wall
"ICE" 3rd place winner Rhyme On - Ice
"A new year" 3rd place winner Rhyme On - Resolutions
Drexel Maya Literary Magazine (2016)
"Evening Stroll"
"Vinyl Skin"
"Octopus Bath"
Drexel Maya Literary Magazine (2015)
"It’s Dark"
Haiku on Regrets
Drexel Maya Literary Magazie (2014)
"Hook deep piercing lung"
Coastal Carolina Community College (2013)
"Twinkle twinkle giant gaseous planets"

In Progress

Paleo Cook Book
Desserts Cook Book
Rich Dick Khronicles: A rewrite of Poor Richards Almanac by Ben Franklin
Mega Man Blue Steel: The adventures of the real Mega-Man who inspired the Capcom game.
Monsters and Mentors: (auto-biography) Monsters, Mentors and Memories
A Boy and hist Robot: Puppy. (2017 - Current)
The story of Mada raised by a robot named Puppy.

On Hold

Alex in Whyoming (2002 - Not Complete)
A rewrite of Alice in wonderland by Lewis Carrol
Red Apples (2000)
Fantasy about Sam, Samantha, and Samuel fighting Nogard.
the Butcher (1999)
The sins, life, and death of the butcher. The adolescent in me trying his hand at writing

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